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Barclays misled shareholders and the public about one of the biggest investments in the bank’s history, a BBC Panorama investigation has found.
The bank announced in 2008 that Manchester City owner Sheikh Mansour had agreed to invest more than £3bn.
But the BBC found that the money, which helped Barclays avoid a bailout by British taxpayers, actually came from the Abu Dhabi government.
Barclays said the mistake in its accounts was “a drafting error”.
Unlike RBS and Lloyds TSB, Barclays narrowly avoided having to request a government bailout late in 2008 after it was rescued by £7bn worth of new investment, most of which came from the gulf states of Qatar and Abu Dhabi.

Country: Country Name
Lodeg: Lodge Name
Fishery: Fishery Name
Dates: Dates
Suggested Gear: Suggested Gear-1
Rod: TFO Esox
Fly Line: Cortland 450g Sinking Line
Reel: Abel Super 11
Flies: Chocklett 15" and 17" T-Bone