About Meredith

While Meredith is based in Houston, Texas, she travels the world hosting fly fishing trips for adventure- seeking anglers of all ages and skill levels – from the depths of the Amazon jungles and the rivers of Russia to the flats of the Seychelles Island and Louisiana marshes. She also serves as a consultant to an array of international fishing lodges. Using her own experiences as a professional angler, entrepreneur, and explorer to navigate the challenges of her father’s death from cancer, her mother’s battle with Alzheimer’s, and her own journey to overcome dyslexia as connection points – Meredith is an honest, engaging, and sought-after speaker on fly fishing, inspiration, faith, and family. Always ready to explore and connect, Meredith lives life as the adventure it is – always ready for one more cast.

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To Inspire, educate and empower others to be the best Angler that they can be, all while having fun, making new friends and catching fish in beautiful places.
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