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While Meredith is based in Houston, Texas, she travels the world hosting fly fishing trips for adventure- seeking anglers of all ages and skill levels – from the depths of the Amazon jungles and the rivers of Russia to the flats of the Seychelles Island and Louisiana marshes. She also serves as a consultant to an array of international fishing lodges. Using her own experiences as a professional angler, entrepreneur, and explorer to navigate the challenges of her father’s death from cancer, her mother’s battle with Alzheimer’s, and her own journey to overcome dyslexia as connection points – Meredith is an honest, engaging, and sought-after speaker on fly fishing, inspiration, faith, and family. Always ready to explore and connect, Meredith lives life as the adventure it is – always ready for one more cast.

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~GIRLS: SALTWATER 101~ Mexico Trip: March 20-27, ‘20 Bahamas: May 13-19, ‘20 Calling all new to skilled female Fly Anglers who want to get out on the Salt. Guys, have wives, GF, daughters, moms, sisters who I can help introduce to SW FF or instruct for you? Send them on. Girls, help me spread the word, as I know there are more of us out there. These trips are great way to connect with other women on the water, improve your skills and have a ball doing it. (Nightly theme nights! 🤪💃)



~ON GREY COLD DAYS~ I love to dream of color-filled warm days. @riomarieflyfish (Note: Love that my fishing partner, Roy, got the “matching outfit” memo. It’s important as a team to look sharp! 😂😂)



~MY FIRST MARLIN TRIP~ A trip that will forever be locked in my memory vault. So special to share with three generations and watch Hudson, 11 catch his first striped marlin (well, 20 plus 🤗). Magnificent fish! Day 1: 47 Striped and Day 2: 30 Striped, one Sailfish, 3 Dorado. 77 Marlin in 2 Days including both my very first pitching and on fly. Doesn’t get much sweeter than that. Thanks to all who made it happen and for all the coaching along the way. @captaincollinhuff @peter_parker231 @captchance and crew.



~FIRST MARLIN ON FLY~ It has been a dream for a long time to catch a Marlin on fly and it finally happened thanks to an invitation to fish Magdalena Bay. After a first day of 47 Striped Marlin (60-140lbs), and then day two after 20 more Marlin and a 150lbs Sail to the boat, my host had me take a shot on fly. Second bite and he was on!! Such a rush and thrill. Two days I will never forget...TOTALING 77!!! Day One my first marlin ever (well my first 12) and Day Two my first on Fly with another 10 pitching. Thank you so much to @captaincollinhuff , @peter_parker231 @captchance and Steadfast/Tesoro Crew. #flatleftplease



~CHOMPERS~ Never met a more exotic and exhilarating “scary” fish than the Tigerfish. Hits like a freight train, jumps like grease in a frying pan. Headed back to do it again. Who’s in? @african_waters 📸: @stuart_harley_



~TIGERFISH MANIA~ I can’t hold back anymore! This Tanzanian Tigerfish trip was absolutely off the charts! From sinking lines armed with deer hair baitfish to floating lines chugging the @stuart_harley_ “Shake”! Tan Pumas to red, white and blue “USA Today”...the fish ate. And even better yet, they jump and fight like no other. Bring your striping fingers and get ready for the hit! Such an amazing group of anglers, guides and staff. Would repeat the entire trip tomorrow. Please contact me if you are interested in returning with me next year to chase these African toothy critter. Asanti sana @african_waters @stuart_harley_ @brentpoultney Greg, James, @bee_mac_dee @fushfingers Murray, Charlie, @papa_1952 and @massangana - let’s do it again. It was great sharing boats, Camp and a little bush tv with you all.



~TANZANIA: ITS MORE THAN THE FISHING~ While the chasing Tigerfish was my prime goal of the trip...there was so much more to it. The beauty of the Myers and Ruhundji Rivers, the daily welcome in Swahili by the staff of “Jambo”, the unbelievable bird life (yellow weaver being my favorite), even the sometimes frightening appearances and threatening noises of the Hippos and African Crocodiles as they let you know their presence as we passed by (sometimes at a pretty good pace 😬), watching for hours “Bush Tv” aka Fire as we unwound from a long day of fishing with a ice cold Kilimanjaro Beer in hand, sleeping soundly with the bush orchastra there to bring you awake in the mornings, swimming in a “hopefully no crocs in here” lunch time pool with team, grilling up fresh antelope (the hunters had taken the day before) Kabobs over an open fire and then catching the last fish of the day at sunset on the last cast to get that final group photo. If you are looking for an adventure such as this that keeps you feeling alive, young and apart of this great creation, contact me for more information for booking your next African Tiger adventure whether on your own or with my next group. @african_waters does it right and all I can say is “Asanti Sana” to Stu, Brent, Greg, James and crew for making it one of the most memorable trips of my life.



~TANZANIA TIGERFISH~ So many pics to come, but just a few quick iPhone pic to wet your appetite. Incredible trip to the jungles of Tanzania to fish for a species that has been on my bucket list for years. It did not disappoint. There is something about Africa that grabs the soul. Stay tuned to hear more about this amazing trip. @african_waters thank you! Your team rocked it...looking forward to doing it again.

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