In the Fall of 2012, I began my pursuit of World Records on the fly.  Always the constant competitor and pursuer of challenge, I decided to take “my game” to the next level by honing in on specific species and line classes.  When my Dad was diagnosed with Stage 4 Kidney Cancer in late July of 2014, I decided to ramp up my quest as he had gotten so much delight and pride over my first world record.  As the cancer took over, I made a promise to him of a 100 world records.

Well, it has been an incredible hunt and adventure with filled with “near” records, lost records, broken tippets, cold feet, burnt scalps, tangled lines and a lot of laughter in between. Even when the tears of frustration would come, my amazing guides would know, it was time to “loosen” up and time to “fun” fish for a bit before heading back into the hunt.

I have loved the challenge of it all and have learned so much from many of my mentors, Andy Mill, Lefty Kreh, Marty Arostegui, Robert Cunningham’s Chasing Records, but most importantly from all of my wonderful guides who have partnered up with me day in and day out on the water and off tying leaders and flies. Records are a team sport and I can’t thank every guide enough for their patience, persistence and passion for the sport. God bless you all!!! Also, a huge “thank you” to Jason and Jack at IGFA in Florida for their countless hours of counsel and phone support on knots, leaders, tippet brands and testing. 

Most especially my parents, from the day, I said I was going to pursue this crazy dream, never for a moment doubted and encouraged me every step of the way. I could not have accomplished any of these records without my team of supporters. God bless you all for your patience!!!

My First Four

Lefty's Records

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